Hello my name is John and I have spent many years in construction building everything from houses to pole barns to remodels before starting my own shed building business 4 years ago where I design and build all types of buildings that are found in my store. Through my plans I hope to help each DIYer construct their own building with confidence. By using these superior plans it’s like having an experienced carpenter right there in your corner.

   Imagine the pride you’ll feel when telling your friends about your new building that you built with your own two hands. A building in which you installed every nail and screw, and turned your vision into a reality. My plans not only show you where to start but guide you through the entire process with detailed step-by-step pictures, measurements, and instructions as though I’m right there walking you through the process.

   Should you have a need for customization or even just general questions, I’m here to make sure you complete your project with a feeling of “a job well done”

Thank you and happy building!